A cadet's pride in their uniform and appearance is a measure of their professionalism. You wear a uniform with a proud history and should be worn properly and with respect. 


The uniform issued to cadets is government property. Upon issue, the cadets and their parents accept undertaking full responsibility for loss or damage to the uniform or any of its parts. You are responsible for your uniform at all times. 

a. ensure your uniform is stored properly when not in use;

b. mark your name in every piece of your uniform except the lanyard and cap tally;

c. return damaged or ill-fitting parts of your uniform to supply for a replacement or new issue;

d. your uniform must be returned promptly if you retire or resign from the corps.


The Sea Cadet Jacket (Tunic) - The jacket shall be neatly pressed. It is worn with the top button unfastened and the collar open to the fullest extent. All other buttons shall be fastened. The free end of the belt shall be secured by positioning the retaining loop.

Trousers - Trousers shall be cleaned and neatly pressed, creased front and back.

White Short Sleeve Shirt - This shirt shall be worn as summer dress, as defined by the Commanding Officer. It may be worn with or without the jacket, as directed by the Commanding Officer. It should be washed regularly. Initially, press it flat with the sleeves creased along their upper edges.

The Cap - The cap is illustrated below. It is shown so that the rim of the cap is one finger above the eyebrow. The front of the cap seam is centred directly over the nose. The chi stay should be sewn inside the cap at the correct length to permit the stay to fit under the chin. Caps should be washed regularly in cold water and detergent.

Cap Tally - The centre of the lettering on the cap tally should be in the front cap seam. It is tied in a neat bow, not more than 3 inches and not less than 2 inches across, the ends being of equal length. It is centred on the left ear vents.


Lacing Up Your Boots - The method used is called Straight Bar Lacing and it has an additional benefit for sporting or military use: The upper horizontal sections of shoelace can be quickly cut through with a knife or scissors in order to more easily remove a boot from a broken, sprained or otherwise injured ankle or foot.  


Shining shoes not only helps them look great, but conditions the leather and extends its lifespan, helping your investment in a quality pair of dress shoes go further. We'll cover how to shine shoes the right way, starting with what you'll need. 


A webbed belt, military belt, or skater belt is a type of belt, normally made of webbing, distinguished by its belt buckle design and lack of holes in the cord, which is usually found in other belts where a pin is used as the fastening mechanism in the belt buckle. A belt of this type is often used in the uniforms of armed forces, since it is easily adjustable, cheap to produce and does not deteriorate easily. 

The design of the belt buckle is usually a hollow metal rectangular box through which the cloth cord passes through, when fastened, a pin with the length equal to the width of the cord is pushed up from a groove and stops the cloth by increasing the amount of friction needed to pull the cloth cord further through the box. This mechanism removes the need for holes in the cord, which is a common feature on many other designs, it also allows the wearer to adjust the belt to the exact size needed, as it is not limited by the holes.