Lieutenant(Navy) Townley started his cadet career in 1980 with the newly formed RC(Sea)CC Ojibwa at the age of 15, by the time he aged out he had been the COMMANDING OFFICER Coxswain for 3 years. He had gone to HMCS Acadia in 1980 for GT, Camp Tillicum in 81 for the Junior Leadership course, and in 1982 HMCS Quadra for Practical Leadership course. He returned to HMCS Quadra for staff in 83. More 

Lieutenant (Navy) Simas first joined the Navy as a reservist in April 1996 at HMCS YORK at the rank of Ordinary Seaman. He took up initial military train­ing as a Naval Combat Information Operator. In 1997, Lt(N) Simas left the Navy temporarily EXECUTIVE OFFICER to pursue civilian employment. Later that year, Mr. Simas re-joined the military as a Sea Cadet Instructor at RCSCC VANGUARD and was commissioned as an  Acting Sub-Lieutenant in 1998.


Lt(N) M. Hannon, CD

Instructor - Supply

SLt K. Kowal

Training Officer

A/SLt J. D'Souza

Administration Officer

A/SLt S. Tovey, CD

Supply Officer