Welcome aboard SS EXPLORER!


COURSE START DATE: 5 February 2024

TIME: 2030 - 2130 (8:30pm to 9:30pm)


In this course you will cover the following topics:

1 - The Earth and the Atmosphere

2 - Weather

3 - HIstory of Flight and Space Exploration

4 - Principles of Flight

5 - The Night Sky - Constellations

6 - The Moon

7 - The Solar System

8 - Planets and moons

9 - The Sun and Stars

10 - The Universe

11 - Rockets and Space Ships

12 - Rovers and Drones

Cadets will be introduced to a varied range of aerospace topics, principles and debates. No calculations will be required. This program is designed to entice curiosity in STEM topics and imagination. Cadets will also be encouraged to watch the documentaries attached to this program and discuss them in class!


This is not a mandatory course and it is not a requirement for the cadet program. This is a self-interest program offered to you on a volunteer basis, however, please note that if you sign up, the expectation is that you will attend the course every week in order to receive the Certificate of Completion.

You will also be expected to behave accordingly and to participate in discussions and projects. All rules of cadet conduct will apply and you are expected to attend in uniform. Attendance will be taken and added to your cadet curriculum.